About Tokha

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About Tokha

Tokha municipality has a total population of 99,032 according to 2011 Nepal census.[4] There are 25,561 families in the municipality. The total male population is 48,323 and the female population is 50,909.

Tokha was created as a municipality on 2 December 2014 after merging DhapasiJhor MahankalGongabuTokha Chandeshwari and Tokha Saraswati. Since 2017, Tokha has been divided into 11 wards. Each ward has four ward members, two male members, one female member and one minority member, and one ward chairperson who are elected for a five-year term. The municipality is headed by a directly elected mayor. Prakash Adhikari was the first directly elected mayor of the municipality, elected in May 2017. The current municipal council has 36 members from Nepal Communist Party and 21 members from Nepali Congress.


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