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Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Toner 120ml


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Its uber assortment of supplements and regular concentrates from cucumber as well as neem, quince seed, cabbage, peach and plum

The biotique pore fixing toner is basically a pore fixing toner and revives a wide range of complexions and types, be it typical, tanned, slick or unpleasant skin

It is a veil that sheds and spruces up the outer layer of your skin

Audits by an agreement of clients for biotique cucumber toners are normally towards the great side as they have tracked down moment results and advancement of skin in a time of half a month

The biotique pore fixing toner audits are evidence for this

The biotique cucumber toner audits additionally help in comprehend that this toner doesn’t sting or consume on the skin and is fragrant



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